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My interest in IT and computing in general is precocious, to say the least. In school, my teachers remarked on my high abilities with IT, and sometimes even leading to assisting them with IT problems as well.


Chief Technical Officer, SlashScore – 2016-2017

My duties at SlashScore were mainly revolved around the technical aspects of how the label ran - including developing and managing the website, and designing a house style and artwork style for the record label. Other responsibilities included advising any future methods of promotion for the label and putting them forward to the Chief Executive Officer. The label closed in 2017, due to a change in direction in both what the company was aiming to become. It now functions as a management outlet.

Designer, Freelance (⅍ Media) – 2014-present

On freelance jobs, I have worked on both a short-term and a long-term basis with record labels, artists and event promoters to create and design logotypes, artwork designs/templates and websites to suit the clients’ needs. Examples of clientele include Uppstar, a Liverpool-based events coordinator; Discovery Sounds, a promotion network and record label owned at the time by Hastings-bred producer Matt Nash; and Link Library, a Canadian experimental record label.


Web design and development, virtualisation, OS deployment.


Available upon request.